Hyper Stimulator - The Virtual Cockpit

Our range of Hyper Stimulators are available as chassis kits, with or without Hyper's PC control system or as factory built models. The chassis replicates the driving position of an open wheel racing car cockpit.

Chassis are superbly finished in a stunning oven-baked high gloss two pack paint.

Race Seat and Elbow Covers
No flying elbows in this racing seat. Snug as a bug fit is essential as you pull multiple Gs flat out in sixth gear through Eau Rouge. Optional contoured elbow covers complete the cockpit. Extreme models come with a carbon fibre interior or can be supplied with optional leather trim.

Steering Wheel
Real F1 style racing wheel. Leather covered on our Extreme Racer model. Steering is fully adjustable for reach and height for the perfect driving position and easy access. Your computer monitor sits on the steering box or for full-on wide screen action race into your TV.

F1 Gears
Gear change toggles either side of the wheel. Clutchless changes so fast you won't see the fingers leave the wheel. Right hand to change up, left to gear down - or you may prefer the optional sequential shifter beside your knee.

Programmable Buttons
Buttons on the wheel let you get really technical. Fully user programmable. Lets the driver set up the car to suit the track, tyre compound, brake bias, wing angles, gear ratios etc.

Rear Wing
With genuine airfoil section for increased downforce and ultimate visual appeal.

Pit Wheels
Roller bearings mounted to the rear with stainless steel brackets allow one person to move the Hyper Stimulator around with ease.

Chassis Shaker
Real seat of the pants stuff! One or more bass shakers mounted to the chassis and a 25 watt amp send shivers from the seat up your spine and into the brain!

Throttle and Brake
'Real feel' progressive movement as you bury the left foot to wash off speed at the end of the straight. Our accelerator too has the 'real feel' advantage. Pedals move back and forward for optimum driving position. GP and Extreme Racer models have stainless steel drilled pedal plates. 

Heel Plate
Black or Carbon Fibre laser cut panel helps protect your paintwork against heel wear.

Folds Up
For storage or transport to a friend's house for linked racing your Hyper Stimulator folds up. Full size is 1840 x 865 x 500mm - Folded size is 1050 x 865 x 570mm

NB.Items in red are only applicable to Hyper Stimulator models with Hyper's PC Controls. Other items are options on some models or may not be available on certain models.

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